Mimic and explore physiological right atmosphere with O2Sens range







    O2sens range has been developed to offer powerful tools for maintaining cell cultures in a suitable environment.  For instance, cells may be submitted to well defined hypoxia to simulate « in vivo » conditions. Using O2sens equipment provides cell metabolism and gene expression profiles similar to that expected under real conditions on tissues and solid tumours.
    Several versatiles incubators are proposed, depending on your needs:








O2 sens is a innovating range of hypoxic chambers designed to modulate micro-environment of tissue culture.

In most experiments, cells are in non-physiologic conditions, which imply false outcomes and lack of reproducibility.


- Tissue-mimicking environment
Oncology, ischemia, inflammation, bone regeneration, heart and respiratory failure, COPD, hyperoxia and ROS, aging studies, metabolism, arteriosclerosis, animal studies…
- Tissue Engineering
Organ culture, transplants & biopsies
- Reproduction and development
Stem cell propagation and differentiation, in vitro fertilisation, embryoids, transgenics and tranfection
- Engineered cells
Optimisation of protein production
- Anaerobic bacterial growth and optimisation
Enteric strain, Yersinia, Neiserria, Campilobacter, Heliobacter…